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Articles In This Issue
The Rise of Bi-Leisure
Travel Via Serviced

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em,
Join ‘Em

The Cold Hard Facts of
The Hotel Business

Why Land Based
Employers Don't Get
Cruise Ship Employees

Is the Regent Deal
Good Enough to put
IHG in the luxury game?

Spa dictionary: Have
We Missed any
New Terms?

Renard Global
Management Sample
Hotel Audits

Our 2005 Article on
Culture in the Hotel
Industry: Is it Still Valid?

A Complete Dictionary
of Hotel Job Descriptions

Online Gaming Engineers
Salary Survey

2017 Worldwide Gaming
Compensation Report

Puerto Rico
Salary Data

2017 USA
Salary Surveys

2017 UAE
Salary Surveys

2017 Canadian
Salary Surveys

2017 Caribbean
Salary Surveys
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