Vol. 52 Dec 2014- Jan 2015 Newsletter

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Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2K1

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Fax: 001-416-364-4924
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Articles In This Issue
Where Have the Real Hotel Marketers Gone?
Vice President, Technical Management Services
Job Description for
Director of Acquisition China

Job Description for
Director of Rooms

What is a Talent Profile
or Job Description

Around The Hiring
World 2014

Executive Chef Job
Description and Contract

World Wide Gaming
Compensation Study

What are PAGS and SEF
and How They Can Help
Find You a New Role

Spa Study

Spa Salary

Spa Terms
and Definitions

Revised Far East
Salary Survey 2014

Caribbean Salary
Survey 2014

UAE Salary
Survey 2014

UK Salary
Survey 2014

USA Salary
Survey 2014
Article Archive
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